MM6 Studio Spring-Summer 2019 Collection


"Rediscovery" is at the heart of the inspiration for this collection. Mundane objects purchased in markets allude to the young and urban street-wear community of London, whilst satin and cotton come together in creating textural contrasts on garments, echoing the creative richness of the French "Belle Epoque". It is of this period that the collection also borrows its satin pastel purple, green and golden colors, punctuated by modern black and denim blue for a contemporary interpretation.

MM6 MAISON MARGIELA Charity AIDS-print Japanese bag Handbag Woman f
Charity AIDS-print Japanese bag
MM6 MAISON MARGIELA Charity AIDS-print cape jacket Blazer Woman f
Charity AIDS-print cape jacket
MM6 MAISON MARGIELA Casual wool-blend pants Casual pants Woman f
Casual wool-blend pants
MM6 MAISON MARGIELA Safety Strap platform runners Sneakers Woman f
Safety Strap platform runners


The 25-year-long purpose of raising awareness, embodied initially by the Maison’s AIDS t-shirt in 1994, is revived in this collection, created in support of the association AIDES, a French non-profit organization founded in 1984,  with the aim of fighting HIV/AIDS and viral hepatitis by offering support to communities and people affected by the condition. A portion of the sales of this collection will be donated to benefit the non-profit organization’s activities, which include awareness campaigns, family support, home help, legal advisory, help-free phone lines and prevention tools distribution.

MM6 MAISON MARGIELA Asymmetrical lace-trimmed dress Long dress Woman f
Asymmetrical lace-trimmed dress
MM6 MAISON MARGIELA Charity AIDS-print PVC tote Tote Woman f
Charity AIDS-print PVC tote
MM6 MAISON MARGIELA Logo-embellished hoodie Top Woman f
Logo-embellished hoodie
MM6 MAISON MARGIELA Piped PVC slingback pumps Closed-toe slip-ons Woman f
Piped PVC slingback pumps