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We usually accept returns within 3 business days of their arrival at our warehouse. During peak season it could take up to 7 business days. Once your return has been accepted, we will immediately request refund and send you a confirmation email.

The time needed to process your refund will depend on the payment method:

Credit/Debit Card: Our bank will reimburse you within 7 business days from when you receive the refund confirmation email. The time it takes to see the credit in your account depends on the card issuer.

PayPal: You will see the refund in your PayPal account within 24 hours from the refund confirmation email.

Cash on Delivery: Your refund will be issued through wire transfer to the bank account you indicated in the Return Form. You should see the refund in your account within 10 business days from the refund confirmation email.

Where can I check my refund status?

You can check the status through the Follow Your Return page, or in your Account if you placed your order while logged in.

I need to return a gift, how will the refund be issued?

The amount will be refunded to the account from which the payment was made. For security reasons, we are not authorized to refund a different account.

Can I receive my refund on a card or account that is different from the one I used for the order?

For security reasons, we cannot issue the refund on a card or on a payment method that is different from the one used for the purchase.

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