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Co-Ed Collection Spring-Summer 2024
Co-Ed 2023
Through the Maison’s creative pyramid, the concepts established in the Artisanal Collection filter into the genderless prêt-à-porter line known as Co-Ed. John Galliano transforms the hand-crafted techniques of haute couture into interpretations conveying the creative process that conceived them. Co-Ed 2023 repurposes the inherited themes of Artisanal; a study of hand-me-downs and the gestures that imbue garments with life, the collection examines youth-centric ideas of customisation and the re-contextualisation of memories.


The Maison's iconic Replica sneakers are inspired by Austrian sports shoes from the seventies.

Maison Margiela is a Parisian haute couture house founded on ideas of nonconformity and the subversion of norms. Appointed Creative Director in 2014, the British couturier John Galliano exercises his visual language to expand on the grammar of Maison Margiela, creating a new technical vocabulary that cements the house’s position as a singular and autonomous entity in the realm of luxury.
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