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Collection 2023
For the Co-Ed 2023 ready to wear Collection, Maison Margiela conceives a multi-layered premise inspired by Count and Hen, the fugitive protagonists of Cinema Inferno, the performance that introduced the Artisanal 2022 Collection.

Repurposing the inherited wardrobes of Cinema Inferno’s protagonists Count and Hen through the lens of a new generation. Creative Director John Galliano presents a study of hand-me-downs and the gestures that imbue garments with life. The practice of dressing in haste is applied to bias-cut dresses hacked up and spontaneously fixed into rompers. Elements of Haute Couture and formal menswear cultures are subverted through splicing and adaptation. The collection examines youth-centric ideas of customisation and the re-contextualisation of memories.
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